मारवाड़ी भोज की नई खोज, दुल्हा दुल्हन तुम्हारे बाकी सब हमारा ... { मात्र 71,००० में शादी का विशेष पैकेज }
Birthday Party
We arranged 22 to 150 members gathering arrangement in our, different party halls.
For birth day and marriage anniversary and engagement ring ceremony, conference and all auspicious occasion
Welcome Drink Special Jaljeera
special Daal (Choice of One)
Special Arhar Daal
Special Urad Daal
Special Makhni Daal
Special Rajma
Special Chole
Special Paneer (Choice of One)
Special Saahi Paneer
Special Mater Paneer
Special Palak Paneer
Special Paneer Pasanad
Green Vegitable (Seasonal)
Special Raita (Choice of One)
Special Bundi Raita
Special Aloo Raita
Special Kheera Raita
Special Mix Raita
Special Dahibhalla
Roti / Kachori
Special Kachori
Special Plane Roti
Special Missi Roti
Special Stuff Naan
Special Baseni Roti
Rice (Choice of One)
Special Plane Rice
Special Jeera Rice
Special Matter Paneer Pulaw
Special vagetable Pulaw
Sweet (Choice of One)
Special Kheer
Special Ice Cream
Special Gulab Jamun
Special Bangali Rasgulla
Special Jaljeera
Vegetable (Four Types)
Special Rayta
Rotis & Naan
Green salad
Marwari Bhoj
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